Zenre Palux

Zenre Palux in an NPC in the Kelari Refuge area of the Freemarch zone. They are also the Butchering Trainer and will train you if you have the Butchering skill.

Zenre Palux
Novice Butcher
Rock Salt Rock Salt Coarse Thread Coarse Thread
40 Silver Icon 20 Silver Icon
Plain Thread Plain Thread Fine Thread Fine Thread
48 Silver Icon 1 Gold Icon 20 Silver Icon
Silken Thread Silken Thread Gilded Thread Gilded Thread
2 Gold Icon 96 Silver Icon 6 Gold Icon 96 Silver Icon
Bone Oil Bone Oil Creature Oil Creature Oil
16 Silver Icon 24 Silver Icon
Neatsfoot Oil Neatsfoot Oil Mineral Oil Mineral Oil
44 Silver Icon 76 Silver Icon
Magical Oil Magical Oil
4 Platinum Icon 20 Gold Icon 0 Silver Icon

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