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Categories as Landing PagesEdit

Hello Drudenfusz. After talking it over with JoePlay, he agreed that many other wikis do use categories as landing pages and that it would be fine to do it with this wiki. The idea is to avoid a confusing trail of pages/categories named the same things. Using categories as landing pages is a completely viable and acceptable method of information presentation and navigational practice.

Rift servers Edit

Hey are there going to be non pvp servers in rift i Pvp but i usually start Pvp after rankign up on a Non im just wondering though just leave a message on My page with info caus emy buddys who has done some of the betas is really sick and i ckeep forgetting to ask him

Signing your commentsEdit

Why is nobody signing his/her comments here? - Drudenfusz 11:36 (UTC), February 9, 2011

Thanks Edit

After leveling up a little might see you on a PvP server soon

PvP Section Edit

Hey Druden!

When you decide if you're going to stick around RIFT after launch, I was wondering if I could ask for your help on organizing and maintaining the PvP area specifically? You are very knowledgeable about it and seem to be interested in it so it would be a big help :)

Chel Ramsey 00:29, February 16, 2011 (UTC)

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