Thos Nishim

Thos Nishim is an NPC in the King's Retreat area of the Freemarch zone. They are also a Novice Miner and will train you if you have Mining skill.

Thos Nishim
Novice Miner
Unstable Flux Unstable Flux Stable Flux Stable Flux
20 Silver Icon 48 Silver Icon
Minor Flux Minor Flux Major Flux Major Flux
1 Gold Icon 20 Silver Icon 1 Gold Icon 88 Silver Icon
Ethereal Flux Ethereal Flux Coarse Grinding Stone Coarse Grinding Stone
4 Platinum Icon 20 Gold Icon 0 Silver Icon 28 Silver Icon
Fine Grinding Stone Fine Grinding Stone Superior Grinding Stone Superior Grinding Stone
68 Silver Icon 1 Gold Icon 48 Silver Icon
Premium Grinding Stone Premium Grinding Stone
2 Gold Icon 20 Silver Icon

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