Plane of Water-Concept

Concept Art of the Plane of Water.

The Plane of Water is one of the Planes that intersects with the planet Telara. One of the members of the Blood Storm, the "dragon" god Akylios arrived on the planet Telara from this elemental plane.

A Plane of DreamsEdit

The true nature of the Plane of Water is that of a Plane of Dreams. Created by the god Draum it holds the dreams and nightmares of many beings including Draum's own. It holds the prisons of the Akvan including the world eating god who's name reference's Draum himself: Matrodraum the first demon. There is currently a civil war between Draum's dream avatar Kondraum and Arak, Lord of Nightmares who's armies were being held back by Regulos until his demise. Now Arak's armies have begun invading Telara in opposition to the Elemental Planes and the armies of Aia the goddess of Fate who have resorted to attempting to going back in time to prevent the sealing of the Blood Storm in order to hold back both the Nightmares and the Tenebrean Ascended only to fail due to the efforts of the Telaran Ascended[1].

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