The Dark Tournament is an event starting July 8, 2011. This Tournament consist of a single player PVP tournament which will be 8 8 man brackets with the winner of each bracket going on to a final 9th bracket which will determine the grand winner of The Dark Tournament singles compitition.

The Dark Tournaments group contest will begin with 10 10 man bracket tournaments. The winner of each bracket will be placed as a leader of his own team and will then be aloud to start recruiting 4 other team mates to join him in the official team tournament. Most winners will likely pick other members of the tournament (losers or winners of the singles tournament) as their teammates. If extended an offer even by he who bumped you out of the tournament it is wise to accept.

Each team within the team tournament will face the opposing team 1 on 1 until a team has gathered 3 victories. The Team Portion of The Dark Tournament is 3 out of five. Loser leaves the games.

Each individual of both the singles and group tournament will be ask an entrance fee to be given to the tournament head, this money is put in its designated pot. One pot for singles and one for team.
Once the leaders have been settled for The Dark Group Tournament it is then time for his chosen teammates to pay their entry fee so they may fill their share of the pot.

Tournament heads will not be given any portion of the entry fee money or of the winners winnings.

Participants in the Tournament must join as the tournament head is working with them to include Rift: Planes of Telara into their supported games.

You can find more info on the tournament at its facebook group page at:!/home.php?sk=group_169196996461548&ap=1

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