The Codex is one of the PvP warfronts in Rift. Players from opposing factions voluntarily enter these areas to engage in combat. Different warfronts offer different goals and scenarios.

To enter any Warfront, hit "K" and tap Join. You can join as a group, though only 5 of your group is guarenteed to get in. This is to avoid full on Premades.

The objective in The Codex is to hold as many of the four strategic points on the map for as long as possible. This warfront has been compared to WOW's Arathi Basin.

  • Available for level 20 and above characters
  • You must click a flag to gain control of a point
  • The more points you hold the more you score
  • The longer you can hold multiple points, the more you score
  • Killing opposition will also score points
  • Average game time 10-20 minutes
  • The Codex is designed for 15 versus 15 combat


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