The Black Garden is one of the PvP warfronts in Rift. Warfronts are voluntarily entered by players wishing to take part in PvP. They resemble World of Warcraft battlegrounds or Warhammer Online scenarios.

To enter any Warfront, hit "K" and tap Join. You can join as a group, though only 5 of your group is guarenteed to get in. This is to avoid full on Premades.

The objective of this game is to gain and maintain control over a 'Fang' found in the center of the map.

  • Available for level 10 and above characters
  • The closer you are to the center, the more points you score
  • You take more damage the longer you hold on to the fang
  • Killing opposition scores points
  • Average game time 4-10 minutes
  • The Black Garden is designed for 10 versus 10


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