A soul tree

The Soul Attunement feature allows the player to choose their own skills and powers to fight with. By absorbing souls of those who died during the great Shade War the player will gain more power. Almost endless customization is allowed because of all the souls.


The player chooses a soul from one of the four callings: warrior, cleric, rogue or mage. These initial souls begin weak, though as the player progresses so does the soul. As these souls become more specialised, the player will be weaker in for example combat, but will gain magic strength. Players can later choose to augment, or even replace, embraced souls with other souls from within their calling. This is called "Soul Attunement".

The Soul TreeEdit

Each soul gives the player access to a separate "soul tree'; as the player chooses a certain skill, other skills will become available. As the character levels up, more soul points may be distributed so the player will be more powerful in certain abilities, or they may be distributed in order to get more abilities.


Branch AdvancementEdit


A branch

Players may spend their soul points on seperate branches, which allows them to choose specific abilities and passive traits. As more soul points are gained, more abilities will be unlocked. With each point spent, the soul tree also advances levels.

Root AdvancementEdit

As the player levels, "roots" will automatically become available. These root branches are dependent on certain choices the player makes. These roots advance very quickly at the start of the game, but as the player gains power the root advancement will be far slower.

Multiple soulsEdit

The player may be added up to three souls to their trees, meaning that more abilities will become available.
A soul may be swapped for another as long as no soul points has been spent on that tree.