Welcome to SOTSOG


We are a funny group of mature (age 25+) casual players. Right now we are beta testing the upcoming mmo "RIFT Telara" on the PvP server Cloudbourne (Defiant side).

Our plan is to emerge on the surface of RIFT at preorder launch (24 February 2011) as Defiants. As for now we still have a pvP server in mind but beta will tell if that's where we're gonna end.

We are currently looking for players age 25+ who want to share the fun of playing an mmo. One of the prime values you will find in SOTSOG is the understanding and respect for any person who shares his/her freetime with us ingame and the real life family that is left behind.

If You feel you have what it takes to be "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants" (SOTSOG) then you are almost already a member because we don't waste time with a too formel application we would rather see who you are planet side.

visit our website at:

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