Regolus' plane of Death

Regolus (also known as "The Destroyer or "Eater of Worlds") is one of the six gods and one of the embodiements of the six elements: death. Being the leader of the Blood Storm, he decided that all worlds they came across would be destroyed.

Blood StormEdit

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Regolus is the leader of the Blood Storm and thus the most powerful god. The Blood Storm traversed the universe and destroyed any planets they came across. Though upon arriving at Telara the other five gods rebelled and, with help of the people of Telara, managed to banish him to his plane and destroy his physical body. A Ward was created to protect Telara from any future attacks by Regolus and the other gods were imprisoned in elemental jails.


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Years passed, and the age of men began. For years the Mathosians Empire ruled over Telara in peace, until the King died. This caused the two brothers, Zareph and Aedraxis Mathos to battle for becoming the king. The elder one of two, Aedraxis was corrupted by the Dragon Cult, and thus by Regolus. In the final battle of the two brothers Aedraxis pierced The Ward and allowed Regolus' influence to spread across the world, making Telara unsafe.


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Zareph successfully managed to escape and he brought the survivors to Port Scion. As the Ward is crumbling Regolus gains more and more powers, and there's nobody except for the Ascended to stop him.