Raids are instanced areas designed for groups of 10 or 20 players to complete. All raids are designed for level 50 characters.

Raids can be split into tiers depending on their difficulty and gear requirements. Tier 1 raids are the easiest and require 220 hit or focus, tier 2 requires 320 hit or focus, and tier 3 is the most difficult and requires 420 hit or focus.

List of 10-man Raids Edit

Please note that these raids require you to have Omen Sight to see the entrances of (however only require one person in the group to enter with omen sight for everyone to be entered). Omen sight can be bought with Planarite from vendors in Sanctum and Meridian.

Dungeon Zone Tier
Gilded Prophecy 7107, 6910 Shimmersand 1
Drowned Halls 3072, 4128 Scarwood Reach 1
Rise of the Phoenix 4240, 5219 Stonefield 2
Primeval Feast 8590, 6878 Droughtlands 3

List of 20-man Raids Edit

Dungeon Zone Tier
Greenscale's Blight Stillmoor 1
River of Souls Stillmoor 1
Hammerknell Fortress Moonshade Highlands 2
Infernal Dawn Ember Isle 3

Quests Edit

Achievements Edit

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