Quest:The Soul of the ChloromancerEdit

Quick Facts
The Soul of the Chloromancer
Type: Soul
Level: 15
Faction: The Defiant
Zone: Freemarch
Area: Epoch Plaza
Start: Buele Bruhndaw

Retrieve a Planar Shard from a rift and then tear open a hole to the Plane of Death and draw through the corrupted Kamuzu




Kamuzu did not wish to make himself the puppet of any god spirit or any other fickle being, but he did wish to heal. So, he developed a mastery of life that would evolve into the arts of the Chloromancer.

He mastered over life, but in his death, Regulos was able to capture his soul. Release him, give him control back, and he will lend you his arts.

Prerequisite QuestEdit

  • None known

Follow-up QuestEdit

  • None known

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