Quest:The MousetrapEdit

Quick Facts
The Mousetrap
Level: 24
Faction: Defiant
Zone: Stonefield
Area: Granite Falls
Start: Adriana Weaver
End: Adriana Weaver

Find Arthur's Lockbox by a boulder north of Deepstrike Excavation. Use it to lure out Stillstep's Lackey, get the key, then open the box to get the Keystone.



2610 XP
8 Gold Icon 57 Silver Icon


Help keep the Keystone from the Golden Maw. Stillstep is having you followed. If you try opening the Arthur's Lockbox, his lackey will reveal himself like a mouse darting for a piece of cheese.

Take Arthur's Key from him and get the Keystone.

Prerequisite QuestEdit

Follow-up QuestEdit

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