Quest:The Corpse of Arthur ThorneEdit

Quick Facts
The Corpse of Arthur Thorne
Level: 23
Faction: Defiant
Zone: Stonefield
Area: Granite Falls
Start: Adriana Weaver
End: Tigram Stillstep

Adriana Weaver hopes you can retrieve and examine Arthur's Locket from the undead corpse of her former betrothed, Arthur Thorne, in Deepstrike Excavation.



2520 XP
7 Gold Icon 97 Silver Icon
Notoriety: 175 with Granite Falls


My beloved died at the Deepstrike Excavation, and I miss him so much. I tried to recover his body, but he has joined the army of undead. I'll never have Arthur back, but it would mean so much to have his locket. If you get it, could you make sure it's intact?

Prerequisite QuestEdit

  • None known

Follow-up QuestEdit

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