Quest:Spirited AwayEdit

Quick Facts
Spirited Away
Type: Story
Level: 28
Faction: The Defiant
Zone: Scarlet Gorge
Area: Frayworn Rock
Start: Soul Shard
End: Bardra Mortain

Bring the Soul Shard to Bardra Mortain at Scarwood Lift Base as proof of your discovery.



One (1) of the following:
Frayworn Necklace
Mighty Choker
Delicate Necklace
Necklace of Obfuscation
2970 XP
11 Gold Icon 18 Silver Icon


The Soul Shard glows violently once it's been filled with Nathur Kull's spiritual essence. As the only evidence you have of the Golden Maw's dark ritual, it's probably best that you bring it back to Bardra Mortain.

Prerequisite QuestEdit

Follow-up QuestEdit

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