Quest:Reduce, Recycle, ReeducateEdit

Quick Facts
Reduce, Recycle, Reeducate
Level: 5
Faction: The Defiant
Zone: Terminus
Area: Tempest Station
Start: Faceless Man
End: Faceless Man

Use the Soul Reclamation Device on Shyla the Fallen to collect her soul essence and then return to Faceless Man at Tempest Station.



Gloves Icon 8 Chain Fists of Rebirth Cleric option
Plate Hands Icon 103 Gauntlets of Rebirth Warrior option
900 XP
79 Silver Icon


Shyla Starhearth has betrayed the Guardians. Corrupted by the empty promises of Regulos, she now serves her dark master as a harvester of souls. Though fallen, her soul is still filled with great power - power which you as an Ascended can use.

Our guards have manager to contain her for now, but you must use the Soul Reclamation Device to extract her soul. We can use her essence to craft you a soul of your own. Be wary, though, she will need to be subdued or dead for the extraction to work.

Prerequisite QuestEdit

Follow-up QuestEdit

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