Quest:Our Last StandEdit

Quick Facts
Our Last Stand
Level: 2
Faction: The Defiant
Zone: Terminus
Area: The Caul
Start: Dacia Ultan
End: Koke Tegus

Activate the Defense Consoles for Dacia Ultan and then travel to Koke's Hold.



Mace Icon 419 Balanced Warhammer Hammer Icon 108 Balanced Mace
Two Handed Sword Icon 101 Balanced Claymore Axe Icon 402 Balanced Hatchet
630 XP
26 Silver Icon


This is the only patch of Telara Regulos hasn't swallowed, and we have only held it so long because of our magitech defenses. When his minions took The Caul, they cut us off from most of our turrets.

With the Defense Consoles up and running, we can hold off Regulos's minions and buy you more time to get to the time machine. Activate them, and travel forward to Koke's Hold.

Prerequisite QuestEdit

Follow-up QuestEdit

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