Quest:No QuarterEdit

Quick Facts
No Quarter
Level: 6
Faction: The Defiant
Zone: Terminus
Area: Tempest Station
Start: Raj Tahleed
End: Isach Undugar

Break through the forces of Regulos in the Lost March, and join Isach Undugar with the Defiant forces at Rubicon.



990 XP
1 Gold Icon 1 Silver Icon


The Wraith battle construct is ready for action! Those minions of Regulos won't know what hit them.

We need to get you through the cultist lines betwen here and Rubicon, and this construct should do the trick. Careful though. This unit packs a punch, but there are alot of cultists between us and Rubicon.

Prepare yourself, the assault is underway.

Prerequisite QuestEdit

Follow-up QuestEdit

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