Quest:No Mercy for the MercilessEdit

Quick Facts
No Mercy for the Merciless
Level: 16
Faction: The Defiant
Zone: Freemarch
Area: Warden's Rise
Start: Eswen Tawerd
End: Eswen Tawerd

Kiull the leader if the Endless Court forces at Savage Hill, Iriri the Merciless, and then return to Eswen Tawerd.




The Endless Court commander on Savage Hill is the brute, Iriri. They call him 'the Merciless,' and from the way he tore apart our spy, the name is well deserved.

We need to bring him down before he tears up any more of our people.

Prerequisite QuestEdit

  • No known prerequisite quests

Follow-up QuestEdit

  • None known

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