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Quest:Fully Armed and OperationalEdit

Quick Facts
Fully Armed and Operational
Level: 5
Faction: The Defiant
Zone: Terminus
Area: Tempest Station
Start: Raj Tahleed
End: Raj Tahleed

Find the Automata Inflector for the cannon in Castrum Hiberna. Once located, fix any damages, activate the Automata Inflector, and then return to Raj Tahleed at Tempest Station.



3 Scroll Icon 5 Lesser Scroll of Intelligence 3 Scroll Icon 5 Lesser Scoll of Wisdom
3 Scroll Icon 5 Lesser Scroll of Srength 3 Scroll Icon 5 Lesser Scroll of Dexterity
3 Scroll Icon 5 Lesser Scroll of Endurance
900 XP
79 Silver Icon


This cannon was ready to protect Orphiel's Failsafe at any cost, but something's gone wrong. I fear the rift forces tearing apart the land may have damaged the Automata Inflector in town.

Our technicians haven't been able to get to the Automata Inflector, but you should be capable of fighting your way in. I need you to go in there, fix any damages, and reboot the system. Once the cannon is back online, we'll be better prepared to guard your escape, but we must hurry before Regulos appears.

Prerequisite QuestEdit

Follow-up QuestEdit

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