Quest:Flipping the SwitchEdit

Quick Facts
Flipping the Switch
Level: 3
Faction: The Defiant
Zone: Terminus
Area: Lastlight
Start: Asha Catari
End: Asha Catari

Activate the Temporal Flux in The Sinkhole cave to begin the process of powering up the Failsafe.



Feet Armor Icon 6 Chain Boots of Rebirth Cleric option
Plate Feet Icon 105 Sabatons of Rebirth Warrior option
720 XP
41 Silver Icon


It is time you knew exactly what is in store for you. There is nothing we can do for Telara here. Nothing lies beyond these canyon walls but oblivion. The only hope we have left is to send you back in time so that none of this ever happens.

Fortunately, Orphiel Farwind built a Failsafe. It has the capacity to send you back to the moment in time that it was installed. Unfortunately, you will need to travel into areas held by Endless undead to activate all of its components.

Prerequisite QuestEdit

Follow-up QuestEdit

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