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Quest:Beautiful WreckEdit

Quick Facts
Beautiful Wreck
Level: 13
Faction: The Defiant
Zone: Freemarch
Area: Fortune's End
Start: Drogo Sunderand
End: Drogo Sunderand

Gather Glamour Stones from around the shipwreck off the coast of Fortune's Shore before the servants of the Abyssal can salvage any more of them.



1620 XP
3 Gold Icon 14 Silver Icon
350 with Freemarch Wardens


Fortune's End has always been a deadly stretch of coast, so when the Skimmer sank, we didn't realize it was an Abyssal plot to steal its cargo. Now the worshippers of Akylios are salvaging the Glamour Stones from the wreckage. Those Glamours are ours!

Prerequisite QuestEdit

Follow-up QuestEdit

  • None known

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