Quest:A Farming ExperienceEdit

Quick Facts
A Farming Experience
Type: Daily
Level: 13
Faction: The Defiant
Zone: Freemarch
Area: Rill Pond
Start: Morys Leighton
End: Morys Leighton

Morys Leighton wants you to help him farm the Albidis Plants that grow in his nearby field. After placing the seeds, use the water jugs to get the plant started. Watch out for hungry callots!



6 Honey Mead
1080 XP
2 Gold Icon 10 Silver Icon
100 with Freemarch Wardens


You're not to big and fancy for a little farming, are you? My farmhands done and got himself ate, and now I've got no one to work my fields. If you're willing, I'll give you some seeds and a watering jug to grom my Albidis Plants.

Prerequisite QuestEdit

  • None known

Follow-up QuestEdit

  • None known

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