Quarry Rats is a group of NPCs that primarily exist in the Scarlet Gorge zone. By gaining enough faction with them, you can purchase some items that only the Quarry Rats Quartermasters have for sale.

Quartermaster OrstEdit

Quartermaster Orst
Icon Item Cost
Quarry Rat Zealot's Rune 40 gold 0 silver
Quarry Rat Scholar's Rune 40 gold 0 silver
Quarry Rat Smuggler's Rune 40 gold 0 silver
Quarry Rat Hero's Rune 40 gold 0 silver
Recipe:Mighty Quickening Brew 10 platinum 0 gold 0 silver
Fauxster's 9 silver
Sweet Berry Wine 11 silver
Enchanted Water 15 silver

Quartermaster Orst is located in the Scarwood Lift Base area of the Scarlet Gorge zone.

Category:Quarry Rats Faction Quests

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