Telara is one of the planets that exists in the known universe. However, Telara is extremely unique in at least one way. The Planet Telara rests at the intersection of several powerful planes of reality, which are the forces that make up all of reality. A nexus of energy has formed around Telara as a result of these planes. This nexus of energy is what has attracted the elemental gods of the Blood Storm.

The Blood Storm was led by the god Regulos, whom is the God of Death. The Blood Storm destroyed countless worlds in its goal of conquest. Once the Blood Storm reached Telara, however, things were different. Every god decided that they would rather rule Telara than destroy it and they began fighting amongst themselves.

As a result of the infighting, the native gods of Telara and the people were able to strike back against the Blood Storm. They managed to begin imprisoning these elemental gods one by one. The United Telarans were even able to capture Regulos and destroy his physical form, while banishing his spirit.

With the help of their native gods, the Mages began to create The Ward, which was a magical barrier around the world. It was set to protect Telara from the planes and to maintain peace by imprisoning the captured Blood Storm.

The Ward lasted for centuries, until it was suddenly broke by Aedraxis. Aedraxis was a king, whose rivalry with his brother in the Mathosian Civil War, allowed for Regulos' power to creep back into Telara. The Ward became fractured and a magical disaster known as The Shade occurred. The Shade quickly destroyed all of the land that it came across.

Since the Shade occurred, rifts have begun appearing at the intersecting of planets. These rifts have led to widespread chaos throughout all of Telara.

Through the study of these rifts, scholars have already at least six planes that interact with Telara through the cracks in the Ward, each of these cracks represents a different primal element of life. These six planes are - Life, Death, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Currently, there are many different theories about the real importance of these discoveries. It is apparent, though, that these rifts could be extremely dangerous and must be stopped at all costs.


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