A male Nightblade

The Nightblade class is available under the Rogue calling. Possessing deadly agility and mastery of the blade, the Nightblade can also draw upon the planar magics of fire and death to deal doom in a variety of ways. Favoring light armor, their ability to stalk and quickly eliminate their adversaries means the unfortunate quarry rarely has the chance to defend, let alone counterattack.


A Nightblade’s stealth and proficiency with weapons can dispatch enemies quickly and silently, while their knowledge of arcane magic gives them versatility in dealing a wide variety of damage.


Preferring the element of surprise and precise, killing blows, the Nightblade has trouble enduring a lengthy battle. Wearing only lighter armor, the Nightblade is better suited to sneak attacks or hit-and-run tactics.


Only those who deal in the shadows know the name of Clan Zardonis. For ages, the clan’s ruthless regime of physical training produced the finest murderers and cutthroats. Their teachings shunned the arcane arts as weak and unreliable, but one young upstart would prove them wrong.

Acacia was the finest disciple of her generation, and mastered the art of the veiled blade at a young age. Yearning for more power, she studied the arcane in secret, experimenting in the shadows and growing more lethal with every passing season. For almost a decade the young woman ruthlessly enforced her clan’s will by night, poring over eldritch tomes in the dim light of dawn.

In the winter of her twenty-second year, Clan Zardonis took a contract to ruin a family of wealthy Mathosian traders. Such a large endeavor required the clan to dispatch many of its finest killers, Acacia included, on a midnight raid on the traders’ compound. The clan did not realize its folly until the assault was well under way, for they faced not fat merchants, but the mages of the Abyssal cult, and within moments found themselves tightly bound in chains of planar energy.

Of course, the Abyssal did not expect a foe with knowledge so similar to their own, and were completely unprepared when Acacia slipped from the shadows, cold flame dancing on her daggers. A whirlwind of fire and steel, she moved through the cultists, her blades piercing magical wards and flesh alike. With the spell of binding broken, the assassins of Clan Zardonis were free to exact their revenge, and by dawn not a single cultist remained among the living.

Saved from the brink of annihilation, the assassins embraced Acacia’s power and made it their own. Over the decades to come, Clan Zardonis flourished, spreading their teachings to a new generation of Rogues, who became known as masters of shadow and flame.


  • "Simple footsteps settle for a dagger of iron or steel. Those who understand the true calling of the night wreath their blades in fire and leave only ashes and death in their wake!"


Name Ranks Points Energy Range Type Cooldown Description
Primal Death 0/3 0 Your Primal Strike has a (10/20/30)% chance of dealing an additional 50% Death damage.
Improved Blazing Strike 0/2 0 Increases the Critical Hit chance of Blazing Strike by (5/10)%.
Blazing Fury 0/5 0 Moves that award Combo Points deal (2/4/6/8/10)% more damage.
Coup De Grace 0/5 5 Increases the damage of your Finishers by (3/6/9/12/15)%.
Twilight Force 0/1 5 20 20 Instant 10 seconds The Rogue infuses their weapon with deathly energy and hurls it at the enemy, dealing weapon plus 19 to 21 Death damage. Awards 1 Combo Point.
Unstable State 0/3 5 Increases the damage of your Fire and Death attacks by (3/6/9)%.
Fire and Death Attunement 0/3 10 Reduces the damage you take from Fire and Death attacks by (5/10/15)% and increases the damage of your attacks by (1/2/3)%.
Improved Twilight Force 0/2 10 Your Twilight Force snares the target, reducing movement speed by (30/60)% for 6 seconds.
Flame Thrust 0/1 10 25 20 Instant

A Finisher that hurls a flaming weapon at the target, dealing weapon plus Fire damage. Energy cost is reduced with more Combo Points.

1 Point: 19 damage.

2 Points: 32 damage.

3 Points: 45 damage.

4 Points: 51 damage.

5 Points: 64 damage.

Melted Skin 0/2 10 Your Hellfire Blades have a 50% chance to cause the target to take an additional 5% damage for the next 15 seconds.
Eventide 0/2 15 Reduces the cooldown of Dusk Strike and Twilight Force by (1/2) second(s) and increases their damage by (5/10)%.
Ebon Fury 0/1 15 0 Instant 2 minutes Dark forces drive the Rogue into a state of frenzy, causing Twilight Force and Dusk Strike to have no cooldown and reducing their Energy Cost by 50%. Last 15 seconds.
Lingering Flame 0/5 15 If the enemy is suffering from the effect of Fiery Spike, your Blazing Strike and Flame Thrust have a (20/40/60/80/100)% chance to cast Fiery Spike onto them.
Dark Containment 0/1 20 10 20 Instant 30 seconds Envelopes the enemy in a shroud of darkness, incapacitating the enemy for 15 seconds. Any damage on the enemy removes the effect.
Enhanced Weapon Enchantments 0/2 20 Increases the damage of your weapon enchantments by (15/30)%.
Heat Retention 0/5 20 You have a 20% chance to heat for 30 seconds each time a damaging ability that generates Combo Points is used, increasing Fire and Death damage by (2/4/6/8/10)%. When this effect is applied 5 times, your next Finisher deals 30% more damage and removes the effect.
Nightstalker 0/3 25 Your Blazing Strike, Flame Thrust, Dusk Strike and Twilight Force deal (10/20/30)% more damage if the target's health is below 30%.
Scourge of Darkness 0/1 25 25 50 Instant 30 seconds

A Finisher that causes the next 10 weapon melee attacks to deal additional Death damage. Energy cost is reduced with more Combo Points.

1 Point: 14 damage. 2 Points: 24 damage. 3 Points: 33 damage. 4 Points: 38 damage. 5 Points: 47 damage.

Enkindle 0/3 25 Your Weapon Flare and Fiery Chains burn your enemies for an additional (33/66/100)% of their total damage over 6 seconds.
Dusk to Dawn 0/1 30 40 20 Channeled 1 minute Overwhelms the enemy using the forces of darkness, rooting the enemy and dealing weapon plus 299 Death damage over 4 seconds. Awards 1 Combo Point. While channeling this ability, the Rogue gains an additional Combo Point per second.