A Miner is a character that has trained in the Mining skill. You can gain this skill by speaking with a Mining Trainer Then you need to use the skill to develop it. Each region hase different ores that you can mine, with a recommended level of skill, appropriate to the level recommendations for the region. The starting regions: Silverwood and Freemarch, nominally for levels 6-20 feature nodes of Tin lode (skill 1) and Copper (skill 35) . Unlike Fishing, which requires you to have enough skill to fish the given body of water, the level for each ore only determines your chances of gaining skill from mining that ore, or from forging it into bars. You can mine any level of ore, regardless of skill, but the trainers will only teach you how to convert it into bars when your skill is high enough. On the other hand, when as your skill increases, mining the ore, or forging that ore become less likely to grant you another skill point. The highlight colours: red, orange, yellow, green and grey give you a clue as to the chances of "skilling".

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