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The Mathosians are founded on the tenets of honor, faith, and duty. These tenets have allowed them to become a strong group of humans. In the past, they were the rulers of the highlands of the north. Loyalty is valued the most - however, Mathosians also believe that strength, hard work, and a man's word are also important qualities. These values were responsible for creating one of the greatest empires that has ever existed on Telara. Though, it was a bit of a "catch-22" as these same beliefs were responsible for their downfall.

Humans originally began appearing in the forests of Tevra, belonging to the High Elves,' shortly after the Age of Legend. Contrary to previous races, humans were created through a collaboration of the gods. They quickly rose to dominance throughout the world. In the beginning, humanity was little more than savage animals who foraged the forests in loose clans. They weren't intelligent and didn't have their own languages. The High Elves were aware of them, but merely treated them the same as they would any other animal. Surprisingly, though, humans were extremely adaptable and observant. They quickly learned languages, magic, and civilization.

The High Elves' watched as the humans appeared to become civilized overnight. At first they had difficulties accepting the humans, but eventually they formed close friendships. As the human population continued to grow, many individuals began to leave the forests and start exploring faraway lands. One tribe remained for many generations and they eventually learned many things including philosophy, music, and the tenets of law. Eventually, they went north out of the forest to forge one of the greatest empires - the Mathosians.

Centuries passed and the Mathosians continued to flourish in what was a period of civility and fidelity to a long line of kings that descended from Toros Mathos. Eventually, the Mathosians' love for civility and loyalty were turned against them when foreign rivals attempted to stop the expansion of the empire. The King Jostir the Ancient was mysteriously killed, which led to his two sons' Aedraxi and Zareph being dragged into the bloody civil war which became known as the Shade War. The battles continued to ravage the lands of Telara. Aedraxis began to resort to dread magic that fractured the protective ward around Telara. This pulled the Plane of Death, which morphed him into an undead king of horrors. In the process, much of the Mathosian empire was destroyed in the disaster that became known as the Shade. The majority of the followers fled and eventually founded the city of Port Scion. Many Mathosians however remained true to the lineage of kings and fled north with the newly crowned Aedraxis Mathos.



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