Maelforge is one of the gods of the Blood Storm. He comes from the elemental Plane of Fire. He maintains a rivalry with Greenscale. Maelforge belongs to the Dragon Cult named Wanton.

"From the fiery halls of Maelforge, we come. We come to fight, we come to break, we come to burn. Maelforge has given us the fire to fight you. Maelforge has given us the cunning to defeat you. Maelforge will return, and this world will be cinder."[1]

True NatureEdit

Like all Blood Storm his true nature is capable of driving mortals insane: He is not the only dragon with his particular appearence since there is at least one other lesser drake known as Woragrath who has the exact same appearence despite being smaller. The notion that a lesser dragon could grow up to become a potential decoy of him to fake his death has the potential of driving mortals mad.

Beyond this secret is an even greater one: When slain his soul returns to the Plane of Fire as a being of pure lava known as Maelfernus. Maelfernus has the ability to possess other Dragons which may explain why Maelforge resembles Woragrath. The fact that Maelforge is a being of pure lava that possesses Dragons is a dreadful secret that causes maddening paranoia.


  • At least some of the minions of Maelforge are Dragonion.


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