In Rift, macros are a series of sequential and operative commands that can be issued in game with the press of a single button (multiple keystrokes).

Macros are limited to a maximum of 25 lines of "code", though, pending release, the character limit may change.

The main type of macros are slash commands, though the current (Open Beta) version of the game removes the slash ( / ).

So a command of:

/cast Bloom


cast Bloom


From the game itself, the (supposed) complete list of slash-commands can be gleaned by typing "/help" into the chat box. These are used by

In addition to the spells (or commands) issued through a macro, you can also use modifiers.

Modifiers are grouped into categories.





these enable you to use the modifier keys indicated at the same time as pressing the macro button to elicit a different response. For example:

cast [alt] spell name 1
cast [shift] spell name 2

Next there are @ modifiers

These are:



@mark # <number> (@mark 3)




In addition to Slash-Commands and Modifiers, there are also Variables.


usually used in emotes or sayings, it will inject the word he or she, depending on the target's gender.


similar to %s, this variable will put his or her into the text


like the previous examples, except it will use him or her


will issue a command at the current target. This is very useful in actual spellcasting.

also you need to took it up on google

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