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The Harbinger is the new Mage Soul that will be available at the start of Storm Legion, the first Rift expansion. The Harbinger is a melee soul based on slashing abilties.

The Harbinger's strengths include dealing damage to single targets in melee range, and high survivability. While weaknesses include limited area of effect damage.

The Blade BuffsEdit

The Harbinger brings a new feature to the game, the Blade Buffs. Because using this soul will require mages to go in melee, Trion also gave them weapons to hit with.

Mages can transform their staff into an Axe, a Scythe or a Sword. These are not permanent transformations, just one hour buffs and depending on which one is used the Mage's damage or healing will be increased.

The Axe is an AoE buff.

The Scythe is a damage and healing buff.

The Sword is a full damage buff.

A detailed post about the Harbinger abilties and talents .


Rift Reveals the New Storm Legion Mage Soul The Harbinger51:36

Rift Reveals the New Storm Legion Mage Soul The Harbinger

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