Greenscale is one of the Gods in the game RIFT. He is a member of the Blood Storm.He is strongly related to the Plane of Life. Beginning with the arrival of Greenscale and his faerie minions broke the mystical bond that the Elves shared with the beasts of Telara. The bond has been repaired to some degree since then.[1] His Dragon Cult is House Aelfwar.

True NatureEdit

Greenscale like all Blood Storm has a true nature that would drive mortals mad: Despite his proclamations of the "survival of the fittest" he is infact the very incarnation of hunger itself and infact seeks to devour all Life to the point where he would devour all of Telara including it's inhabitants which is a line not even Regulos is willing to cross(Regulos is willing to devour the planet itself but would prefer to spare the inhabitants to bring into the Endless Court) which is why he helped Crucia destroy Regulos's body and cast his soul out of the Ward.

Death Edit

Greenscale is killed by the Ascended underneath Caer Mathos in Stillmoor when Prince Hylas tries to free him.


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