RIFT features two factions: Guardians and Defiant. Each faction has three available races associated with it.


Guardian Color


Upon the last days of the Mathosian Civil War, the Ward that had looked over and protected Telara from planar convergence was weakened by a disaster known as the Shade. After the Shade, rifts between Telara and the planes began increasingly devastating the land. Old enemies, who had previously been kept in elemental prisons, began escaping.

Regulos, the death god and Telara's greatest enemy, began pounding against the Ward to finish the job that he had started in Telara. The pantheon of Telara's gods were silenced and the world became enclosed in total chaos.

Convinced of an upcoming apocalypse, the citizens of Telara have split into
Defiant Color


two factions: the Guardians and the Defiant. Each faction believes that they are saving the world, however, they each take different approaches and methods.