A group prepares to enter a dungeon.

Dungeons are instanced areas designed for a group of 5 players to complete. Players can create their own groups or find other players through the looking for group tool.

For instances designed for groups of 2, see Chronicle

For instances designed for groups of 10 or 20, see Raid

Modes Edit


Normal dungeons are intended for pre-level 50 characters to be completed while levelling up. Each normal dungeon has a specific level requirement. High level players can still participate in lower level dungeons through the mentor system.


Expert dungeons are intended for level 50 characters. Players should have at least 100 hit or focus rating (depending on class) before attempting these dungeons. All of the normal dungeons are available in expert mode.


Master dungeons are intended for well-geared level 50 characters looking for a challenge. Players should have at least 200 hit or focus rating (depending on class) before attempting these dungeons. Master dungeons are not available through the looking for group tool, so players must create their own groups. Only two of the dungeons are currently available in master mode.

Looking For Group Edit

The looking for group tool (default is the "I" key) can be used to assemble a group in order to complete a dungeon. It will attempt to find 1 tank, 1 healer, 1 support, and 2 dps players. Players can still use this tool if they are already a group of 5, in order to enter a dungeon faster and receive the bonus rewards.

Bonus Rewards Edit

The looking for group tool offers 1 bonus reward per day, up to a maximum of 7. In order to receive this reward, players must sign up for the "Random Normal Dungeon" or "Random Expert Dungeon". For normal dungeons, players receive a chest containing a random rare item as well as a small amount of experience. For expert dungeons, players may choose a set of marks as well as 189, 020 Planar Attunement experience.

List of Dungeons Edit

Dungeon Zone Normal Dungeon Expert Mode Master Mode
The Realm of the Fae Silverwood 15 - 22 Yes No
The Iron Tomb Freemarch 17 - 24 Yes No
Darkening Deeps Gloamwood 21 - 28 Yes Yes
The Deepstrike Mines Stonefield 24 - 31 Yes No
Foul Cascade Scarlet Gorge 28 - 37 Yes No
King's Breach Scarwood Reach 33 - 42 Yes No
Runic Descent Moonshade Highlands 38 - 47 Yes No
The Fall of Lantern Hook Droughtlands 42 - 47 Yes No
Abyssal Precipice Iron Pine Peak 48 - 50 Yes No
Caduceus Rise Ember Isle 48 - 50 Yes Yes
Charmer's Caldera Shimmersand 48 - 50 Yes No
Exodus of the Storm Queen Iron Pine Peak 50-54 Yes
Storm Breaker Protocol Tempest Bay 52-56 Yes
Unhallowed Boneforge Seratos 54-58 Yes
Golem Foundry Kingsward 56-60 Yes
Archive of Flesh Morban 57-60 Yes
Empyrean Core Kingsward 59-60 Yes
Tower of the Shattered Morban 59-60 Yes
Realm of Twisted Dreams The Dendrome 60 Yes

List of Nightmare Tide Dungeons Edit

Dungeon Name Location Level Range
Citadel Of Insanity Draumheim 60-65
Glacial Maw Tarken Glacier 60-65
Gyel Fortress Goboro Reef 60-65
Return To Iron Tomb Freemarch 65
Return To Empyrean Core Ashora 65
Nightmare Coast Shimmersand 60-65
Rhaza'de Canyons Planetouched Wilds 65

Achievements Edit

Defiant Color Ultimate Dungeon Hero
Guardian Color
Defiant Color Dungeon Explorer
Guardian Color
Defiant Color Dungeon Expert
Guardian Color
Defiant Color Dungeon Butcher
Guardian Color
Defiant Color Dungeon Smasher
Guardian Color


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