Crafting Rifts were released in patch 1.3, and are opened by using a special Crafting Lure. To obtain a crafting lure, you must get the weekly quest from the same NPC you get your crafting daily from, and complete the quest. Your reward for finishing the weekly quest is the skill specific lure and a Master Craftsman's Mark.

To open a crafting rift, you must find a tear and use your crafting lure to open it. Once a lure is used, it disappears. You can make a new lure every week.

It is reported that the level of crafting materials afforded is based on the level of the tear that you opened. There seems to be no connection to better loot or increased chances at plaques based on difficulty of the rift (minor or major).

The materials to make lures are as follows:

Skill Weekly Quest Ingredients Learned From
Apothecary Workorder: Tempestflower Coolant Apothecary Trainer
Runecrafter Workorder: Kinetic Battery Runecrafter Trainer

Armorsmith Rift
Material Quantity

Weaponsmith Rift
Material Quantity

Artificer Rift
Material Quantity

Outfitting Rift
Material Quantity

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