Throughout the gameplay of RIFT, players will hear different 'callings' and 'souls' referenced constantly. At the beginning of the RIFT campaign, the player will choose a Calling - the basic class system of RIFT. From this calling, the player may choose a combination of souls with which to customize their own uses and strengths.



A soul tree example

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The player is a so-called Ascended - a Telaran slain during the great Shade War. These Ascended were resurrected in order to fight the evil forces of Regulos, the demonic presence threatening Telara. The Ascended have access to special powers, including the mighty "Soul Attunement": the ability to communicate with and ultimately gain the strengths of Telara's ancient warriors.

Soul AttunementEdit

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The Soul Attunement allows nearly unlimited customization. The player is able to choose an Ascended Soul which is combined with a class. In the beginning, the souls are still very weak. But as the player gets stronger the souls will also get stronger and the player will gain further access to their special abilities.


The Calling is the RIFT equivalent of a class. Unlike other games, RIFT uses these classes as archetypes for many basic classes known as souls. There are 4 callings in the game:

  • Warrior: The one and only true melee class. Adorned with heavy armor that allows for uncompromised presence on the open battlefield, the Warrior can withstand damage that would drive other Ascended back to the grave once more.
  • Cleric: Defensive and supportive casters that can maintain a full-frontal attack alongside his allies while unleashing a barrage of withering bolts and nukes.
  • Rogue: A melee and ranged class unlike any other. Subtlety and guise are the main allies of the Rogue. Using a combination of explosive devices, ranged attacks, and vicious melee strikes. The Rogue is the element that applies to any condition, and has a wide variety of uses on the field.
  • Mage: Primarily offensive casters that bend the planes to their own will, Mages are a powerful force. Using a combination of planar spells and spells that destroy the morale of their enemies, Mages can make use of any situation.