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Mathosia Guardian starting area: in the rubble next to the door of a building near where Carwin Mathos is fighting off Deadbound Thralls.

City Record of Ardenburgh (Book)
'The most recent city record for the town of Ardenburgh'
Fifth Moon of the Year of the Tyrant

King Aedraxis has set up a camp on the lar side of Thedeor Fields. He has brought with him a legion of Eth and Bahmi conscripts to build him their strange machines. The king has set up massive technomantic pillars on the hill above the fields as well. ln all my years as mayor of Ardenburgh I have never seen such a site.

ln the night, we can hear King Aedraxis and his mages chanting under those pillars. I swear they are saying the name Regulos over and over. The town counsel and l are at a loss for what to do, but we know something is not right. We sent word to Prince Zareph a few days past asking him to come here and put a stop to this. Hopefully, he will arrive quickly.

Maurice Sullivan Mayor of Ardenburgh

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