Cherendash Boke

Cherendash Boke is an NPC in the Ark of the Ascended area of the Freemarch zone. They are also a Novice Forager, and will teach you the Foraging skill.

Related QuestsEdit

Cherendash Boke
Novice Forager
Animal Glue Animal Glue Creeperseed Oil Creeperseed Oil
20 Silver Icon 48 Silver Icon
Light Varnish Light Varnish Heavy Lacquer Heavy Lacquer
1 Gold Icon 20 Silver Icon 1 Gold Icon 88 Silver Icon
Reagent Enchanted Lacquer Reagent Enchanted Lacquer Caustic Blend Caustic Blend
4 Platinum Icon 20 Gold Icon 0 Silver Icon 20 Silver Icon
Corrosive Blend Corrosive Blend Aqua Fortis Aqua Fortis
40 Silver Icon 80 Silver Icon
Aqua Regia Aqua Regia
60 Silver Icon

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