You can earn prefix and suffix titles to add to your name by doing various things in Rift.


Prefix TitlesEdit

Incentive Titles

Suffix TitleEdit

The Awesome
The Batty
The Romantic
The Rad
The Acquirer
The Spotter
The Celebrator
Cake Lord
The Scavenger
The Aggressor
The Summer Fling
The Sunbum
The Sunny
Mead Drinker
The Parade Maker
The Seeker
The Antiquarian
The Compulsive
Faction Titles
Champion of Freemarch
The Warden
Prey Stalker
Drake Slayer
Zone Titles
Merchant of Doing
Base Jumper
The Gladiator
Of Meridian
The Shroomerier
Treasure Hunter
The Lucky
The Heartless
The Bounty Hunter
Explorer of the Depths
Dances With Squirrels
The Magician
March Warden
The Red Handed
Vampire Hunter
The Daredevil
The Humorless
Barrel Runner
The Lighter in the Dark
The Pitti Fighter
Incentive Titles
The Rift Watcher
The Risen
Planar Titles
The Sandwalker
The Mad
The Colossus Crusher
The Warden's Hand
Crafting Titles
Novice Apothecary
Skilled Apothecary
Expert Apothecary
Master Apothecary
Grandmaster Apothecary
Novice Armorsmith
Skilled Armorsmith
Expert Armorsmith
Master Armorsmith
Grandmaster Armorsmith
Novice Artificer
Skilled Artificer
Expert Artificer
Master Artificer
Grandmaster Artificer
Novice Butcher
Skilled Butcher
Expert Butcher
Master Butcher
Grandmaster Butcher
Novice Dreamweaver
Skilled Dreamweaver
Expert Dreamweaver
Master Dreamweaver
Grandmaster Dreamweaver
Novice Forager
Skilled Forager
Expert Forager
Master Forager
Grandmaster Forager
Novice Miner
Skilled Miner
Expert Miner
Master Miner
Grandmaster Miner
Novice Outfitter
Skilled Outfitter
Expert Outfitter
Master Outfitter
Grandmaster Outfitter
Novice Rune Crafter
Skilled Rune Crafter
Expert Rune Crafter
Master Rune Crafter
Grandmaster Rune Crafter
Novice Weaponsmith
Skilled Weaponsmith
Expert Weaponsmith
Master Weaponsmith
Grandmaster Weaponsmith

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