Rifts are a main feature in the game "Rift". Rifts appear first as tears in the fabric of Telara, and eventually fully open on their own. They can also be opened using a Planar Lure, which you receive via a short quest around level 10.

Rifts vary in level from 8-60. They represent the various Planes Life, Death, Air, Water, Fire and Earth. There are different difficulties involved with the rifts, and those are:

  • Minor Rifts
  • Major Rifts
  • Expert Rifts
  • Raid Rifts
  • Hunt Rifts

Recently, with patch 1.51, Trion added Crafting Rifts. These rifts drop crafting materials and afford all who participate a chance at a Crafting Plaque.

Rifts can also spawn Invaders, which are marauding groups of mobs that will roam through the zones eventually heading towards Wardstones. If they take over the wardstone, they will congregate there and spawn even more invaders to defeat.

Rifts and Invaders also accompany zone wide events. These events usually spawn an amazing amount of rifts and mobs, and if wardstones are defended long enough, will also spawn epic bosses that take very large groups and a long time to kill.

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