• PvP will take place in both battlegrounds (called Warfronts) and the open world.[7]
  • Warfronts will be tiered by level, and feature maps such as capture the flag.[8] The game will also feature city raids[8], and faction leaders are attackable and can be killed, but will not provide loot. [9]
  • There will also be zone-scaled invasions, where one faction can be engaged in fighting over their respective side of the world. If a player is the opposite faction, they can travel to that zone and interfere with their actions. It definitely gives a new meaning to dynamic PvP in RIFT.
  • PvP Starts at level 10.
  • To enter any Warfront, hit "K" and tap Join. You can join as a group, though only 5 of your group is guarenteed to get in. This is to avoid full on Premades.
  • You will be able to loot coin, greens, blues and occasionaly purples off of fallen enemies corpses. This does not come from the enemy's inventory.
  • You earn favor, which can be used to purchase gear and other PVP items.


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