Forming a Guild

There are guilds in the world of Telara. It takes 5 people and 1 platinum to form a guild.

To form a guild, simply hail one of the guild charter NPCs, and pick a name. It will invite you. Then you will need to invite 4 other people, they do not have to be grouped.

To Invite another person you can:

1. Add them to your buddy list and right click their name to invite them.
2. Add them to a party and right click their picture to invite them.
3. Type /ginvite and then their name. (EX: /ginvite Bob)

Guild Functions

The guild window has several options.

Roster: Shows the current player list, what calling they are, race and the zone they are in. There is a function to right click a guild member and invite them to a group.

Rankings: There are 8+ rankings from applicant to leader, and a permissions screen where you can rename the ranks and permissions.

Flags: There are flags that you can spend points buying, such as rally flags, and flags that increase power, damage, health for a set amount of time.

Levels: There are guild levels and experience.

Quests: There are guild quests that can be picked up from the NPCs around the guild register. Quests range from kill x amount of mobs, to pvp, to dungeons.

Chat: There is guild chat and MOTD. Officers also seem to have a chat.

Achievements: The guild does have achievements.

Guild Launch in association with Trion is holding a Top Guilds Contest where people can vote for their favorite guild. They are giving away prizes and rewards.

From the Guild Launch site:

"Welcome to the RIFT Top Guild Contest. We're working with Trion Worlds to find the top guild each month for the next four months. Winners and participants will be awarded copies of RIFT so they can play the game at launch as well as RIFT Beta Keys and to cap it off we're giving away a top end gaming machine worth more than $3,000.00 to one lucky participant. Voters and site admins are eligible for prizes and more!" Find out more.

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