Rift has several different kinds of crafting professions as well as harvesting professions.


In the world of Telara your characters can choose to work in various professions. This gives them abilities to gather various resources, like wood or metals, or to craft items from resources, e. g. weapons, runes or potions. A character may choose any combination of up to 3 professions (up to 9 with the purchase of additional professions). These are leveled independently of adventuring levels and are not tied to the Soul system.

Rift currently features 9 professions (see list of professions). These are divided into gathering and crafting professions. Gathering professions are generally independent from crafting professions and do not have any prerequisites. Crafting professions generally depend on materials that are gathered, crafted by other players or bought from NPC merchants. This means crafting professions are generally more costly however they also yield useful items in contrast to gathering professions.

  • You may choose a total of three professions for your character.
  • At this time, no special tools are needed to harvest materials.
  • You will need to find the proper workstations to craft items.
  • Some items require additional ingredients purchased from vendors to craft.
  • With harvesting professions, you receive the ability to track material nodes.
  • You are able to have multiple tracking skills active at one time, and the tracking stays active through death.
  • Materials stack up to 99

With the Storm Legion expansion release you can now train to the Grandmaster skill level and the new skill cap of 375. You will need to travel to Tempest Bay in order to talk to a Grandmaster Trainer to level you past the 300 mark.

With the release of 2.3: Empyrean Assault you can now purchase addition crafting roles, so that now 1 character can have all 9 primary professions as well as both secondary ones. Also withe the release you can now use the Rift Store interface to purchase all of the crafting recipes available with various currencies.

List of ProfessionsEdit

Gathering ProfessionsEdit

Butchering Icon Butchering
Foraging Icon Foraging
Mining Icon Mining

Crafting ProfessionsEdit

Apothecary Icon Apothecaries creates Flasks, Potions, Philters, Tonics, and Vials.
Armorsmith Icon Armorsmiths create chain and plate armor, shields, augments, enhancements, and dimension items.
Artificer Icon Artificers create jewelry and caster weaponry.
Outfitter Icon Outfitters creates cloth and leather items.
Runecrafter Icon Runecrafters creates runes, used to augment weapons and gear.
Weaponsmith Icon Weaponsmiths create melee and ranged weapons.

Additional ProfessionsEdit

With the introduction of 1.8: Infernal Dawn, Rift added 2 new professions that you can level in addition to your 3 chosen professions.

Fishing Icon Fishing is both a harvesting and crafting profession.
Survival Icon Survival is a skill that allows you to craft food that temporarily increases your stats.

Profession MapEdit

Gathering professions complement different crafting professions. Below is a map depicting the complementary gathering/crafting combinations.

Profession GradesEdit

A profession is learned from a Trainer of that profession, each profession has its own skill level that is increased by gathering or crafting as required.

When you obtain enough skill in a profession you can purchase the next rank up from any profession trainer who is higher skilled than your current level. With each grade you also gain a new Title. The higher your grade in a profession the more valuable and powerful items you will be able to craft/gather.

All recipes and items to gather require a certain profession level. Crafting levels are indicated on the recipe and gathering levels are shown on the items tooltip. Gathering or crafting items of lower level requirements will not increase your profession level any further.

This table shows the necessary skill points and costs for each profession grade.

Name Profession level required Cost
Novice 0 10 Silver Icon
Skilled 70 50 Silver Icon
Expert 145 2 Gold Icon 50 Silver Icon
Master 220 10 Gold Icon 50 Silver Icon
Grandmaster 295 11 Platinum Icon 80 Gold Icon 0 Silver Icon


A crafter can obtain Artisan's Marks and Master Craftsman's Marks by completing daily and weekly crafting quests. Eldain Diomid in Sanctum and Padma Ultan in Meridian are the questgivers. Items that need to be crafted are based on the player's crafting level. Artisan's Marks and Master Craftsman's Marks are a currency used for purchasing various crafting recipes from specialist trainers.


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