Welcome to the fifth beta event for RIFT!

Update 3: 1/26/11Edit


  • A Bit of Subterfuge: Moved boundaries around for this quest so it should now be completable!
  • Leaving chat channels via the chat UI now actually removes you from the channel.
  • Artisan Marks now convert properly to currency when acquired.


  • Cleaned up some zone event bugs with event endings and bosses attacking already-defeated targets.
  • Zone event quest UI should update more reliably when the boss is spawned.


  • The shard selection list no longer moves around as server information refreshes. Less whack-a-mole for all!
  • Additional server lag fixes, yay!

The beta servers are scheduled to be available for play from Tuesday 1/25/2011 at 10AM PST until Friday 1/28/2011 at 10AM PST.

Beta #5: Battle of the Ascended

During this event, all previously opened content is available for play. In addition, Battle of the Ascended includes a new level cap of 30, the shared zone of Scarlet Gorge, and its associated dungeon: Foul Cascade. Go forth and conquer!

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