A female Assassin

The Assassin class is available under the Rogue calling. Masters of subtlety and subterfuge, an Assassin’s ability to walk in the shadows allows them to bypass obstacles and launch devastating surprise attacks. A rare few survive the initial assault, only to succumb to virulent poisons.


Assassins are trained to meld with the shadows, bypassing defenses and launching potent surprise attacks with their poisoned blades.


Assassins must choose their targets carefully, or wind up in desperate straits if they forfeit the element of surprise or attack a foe who can shrug off the venom from their blades.


The dwarf Veseslav grew up in the shadows of Hammerknell knowing one truth: the queen of the dwarves had killed his mother, and one day she would die for it. Veseslav’s father was King of Hammerknell, his mother one of the queen’s comely handmaidens. The jealous queen had the young woman murdered, but not before the child could be spirited away.

Veseslav was taken in by his mother’s brother, Bogdan, who made his living cutting short the lives of others. As Bogdan’s apprentice, Veseslav’s daggers became faster, his stealthy movements less detectable, his poisons more vitriolic than his uncle’s. The young dwarf developed a particularly nasty poison all his own, and named it Ursula, after the queen.

The dwarves held a grand feast to celebrate King Monimnier’s sixtieth birthday. All was joy until very suddenly, the queen’s face went pale, and she toppled over into her soup, convulsing, foaming at the mouth. Finally, she lay still, poison the clear cause.

But as the king’s elite guard hurried him to the royal chambers, one dwarf dropped like a stone. A figure materialized from the shadows, pulling his blade from the victim’s back. The warriors rushed in, but the assassin dodged their attacks, dealing cuts that bled profusely, and festered and boiled from terrible venom. Moving with the ruthless precision of a hawk after prey, he finished them with strikes to their vitals. Soon, the guards all were dispatched, leaving only the killer and the king.

"I see myself in your face," said Monimnier. "That isn’t possible."

"And yet here I am," Vaseslav growled. By the time the party was found, the king lay dead among his guards.

Veseslav never came forward to claim the crown of Hammerknell, his only legacy a series of flawless assassinations involving a poison that all Telara now calls Queen Ursula.


  • "I breathe shadow, caress with fingers of razor-sharp steel, and weep tears of poison. Mine is the name of your sudden, quick death."


Branch Advancement

Icon Name Ranks Points Energy Cost Range Cast Time Cooldown Description
Ruthlessness 0/5 0 No Cost Instant None Increases your Critical Hit chance by (1/2/3/4/5)%.
Improved Final Blow 0/3 0 Increases the damage of your Final Blow by (5/10/15)%.
Improved Savage Strike 0/2 0 Increases Critical Hit chance of your Savage Strike by (5/10)%.
Serrated Blades 0/3 5 Your Critical Hit attacks with melee weapons cause your target to bleed based on (100/200/300)% of your weapon's damage over 6 seconds. Can be applied up to 3 times.
Puncture 0/1 5 30 Melee Instant A vicious attack that ignores your target's Armor, deals weapon damage plus 7 to 9 Physical damage, and causes the enemy to bleed for 18 damage over 10 seconds. Awards 2 Combo Points.
Murderous Intent 0/2 5 Increases your Physical damage by (2/4)%.
Cloak and Dagger 0/3 5 After using Assassinate, Paralyzing Strike or Jagged Strike, you deal (5/10/15)% more damage and take (5/10/15)% less damage for 10 seconds.
Cruel Vengeance 0/5 10 Your Critical Hit attacks increase your damage by (2/4/6/8/10)% for 10 seconds.
Blinding Powder 0/1 10 0 20 meters Instant 1 minute The Rogue throws sand at the enemy's eyes, causing the enemy to be blinded for 10 seconds.
Silent Footsteps 0/2 10 Increases the difficulty of detecting you while stealthing by (15/30)% and increases your movement speed while stealthing by (15/30)%.
Magnify Pain 0/2 15 Increases the Critical Hit damage of your Physical attacks by (10/20)%.
Double Cross 0/3 15 Your Savage Strike, Puncture and Final Blow deals (5/10/15)% more damage if you attack the enemy from behind.
Backstab 0/1 15 20 Melee Instant Attacks the enemy from behind, dealing weapon plus 37 to 40 Physical damage. Must be behind the enemy. An additional 50% damage bonus from Attack Power is applied to this attack. Awards 1 Combo Point.
Poison Potency 0/3 15 Increases the damage your Poison abilities deal by (5/10/15)%.
Subterfuge 0/2 20 Your Assassinate, Paralyzing Strike and Jagged Strike have a 50% chance of gaining an additional Combo Point on the enemy.
Improved Stealth 0/1 20 Your Stealth now lasts until cancelled.
Foul Play 0/1 20 10 Melee Instant 30 seconds Executes an unfair maneuver that stuns the enemy for 4 seconds.
Poison Mastery 0/5 20 Increases the chance your Poison-coated weapons apply Poison to your enemy by (2/4/6/8/10)%.
Physical Trauma 0/2 25 Increases the duration of your Puncture, Jagged Strike and Impale by (4/8) seconds.
Advanced Flanking 0/2 25 Instant None Increases the Critical Hit chance of Backstab by 6%. Increases the Critical Hit chance of Assassinate, Jagged Strike and Paralyzing Strike by 50%.
Enduring Brew 0/1 25 0 Instant The Rogue drinks a concoction of dangerous substances which heals for 179 hit points, but causes the Rogue to be poisoned for 113 Poison damage over 20 seconds. This poison effect is applied up to 10 times with repeated consumption and reduces the healing effectiveness by 10% per effect.
Slip Away 0/1 30 0 Instant 2 minutes The Rogue completely disappears from sight and becomes immune to all damage effects for 3 seconds. This also removes Snares and Roots.

Requires Improved Stealth Rank 1.