An Ascended

The Ascended are Telaran warriors that died during the Shade, but were resurrected afterwards, in order to fight against the evil forces of Regulos.


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Ascended have several special abilities, such as being extremely powerful warriors, or having the ability to change the elements of nature to their will. This power is also known as "Soul Attunement". These powers are obtained from the souls of those slayed during the Shade War.


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All Ascended are skilled in a special class; such as warrior or mage. These classes are chosen in the beginning of the game. As the player gets more experience, they get stronger and get access to more skills.

Tenebrean AscendedEdit

A group of Ascended not from Telara who are the greatest threat to all existance according to Aia the Goddess of Fate. They were held back by Regulos until his demise upon which they focused their attention towards the Plane of Water: specifically towards the invasion of the Plane of Water by Lady Glasya(who they see as a child) from the Plane of Fire. Upon her defeat at the hands of Telara's Ascended they sent the fire drake Woragrath(who looks like a smaller version of the Greater Fire Dragon Maelforge despite not having any known relation) to assasinate her before the Telaran Ascended upon which they took control of her armies and continued the assault on the Plane of Water.

Trivia Edit

- Ascended are immune to the effects of lycanthropy and vampirism unless cursed with either.