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By doing some of the quests you can earn Notoriety with some of the groups in RIFT.

Factions in RiftEdit

Warfront FactionsEdit

The Moribund -
The Seekers -
Eldritch Seekers -
The Storm Guard -
The Unseen -
Eldritch Vanguard -

Rift FactionsEdit

Torvan Hunters - Gain faction by
Mercurial Savants - Gain faction by closing water rifts and defeating water footholds and invasions.
The Grim Disciples - Gain faction by closing death rifts and defeating death footholds and invasions.
Ember Scholars - Gain faction by closing fire rifts and defeating fire footholds and invasions.
The Shale Collegiate - Gain faction by closing earth rifts and defeating earth footholds and invasions.
Zephyrian Collective - Gain faction by closing air rifts and defeating air footholds and invasions.
Students of the Vale - Gain faction by closing life rifts and defeating life footholds and invasions.
The Lycini - Gain faction by

Ally FactionsEdit

Dragonslayer Covenant -
Freemarch Wardens -
Quarry Rats -
Order of Mathos -
Icewatch -
Eternal City Survivors - Gain Factioby doing quests in Ardrnt Domain.
Necropolis Caretakers -
The Runeguard -
Kelari Expedition -
Arcane Hand -
Granite Falls -
The Qaijri -
The Keepers -
Red Scar Trackers -

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