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The dragon god, Akylios, is a god of the Blood Storm. He is best known as dragon of secrets and magic. He is from the elemental Plane of Water, and his Dragon Cult is known as the Abyssal.

True NatureEdit

All Blood Storm have a true nature that would drive mortals mad and Akylios is no different. His "dragon" form's lack of dragon features is actually because the God of Water might not be a dragon at all: He is identical to the Akvan offspring of the Akvan Matriarchs(who the father is whether it's Martrodraum or Azdah or whether there is a father at all is unknown) which are individually known as the Akvan Horrors. Whether he himself is an Akvan Horror that had conquered Goboro Reef within the Plane of Water before invading Telara or had been twisted into an Akvan by the Nightmares of Draum or had taken over the body of an Akvan in his insane search for knowledge is unknown(if the latter than the location of his real body is also unknown though it is almost certain to be serpentine in shape as that is the closest in appearance to "the best way to peel a man is in one long spiral strip, like an apple") though either way he is currently an Akvan at the moment. His ability to claim the position of Blood Storm himself despite clearly not visually being a dragon is either testament to Akylios's power or testament to the dream-based nature of the Plane of Water's ability to warp him. So bizzare is Akylios's true nature that even the greater dragon members of the Blood Storm found him unsettling.

Death Edit

Akylios was killed underneath the cursed fortress of Hammerknell by the Ascended when his cult tried to free him.

Nightmare Tide BetaEdit

In the Nightmare Tide Expansion Beta the Akvan Horrors and the Akvan Matriarchs were the true form of Akylios himself until the developers changed them closer to release to Akvan.[1]


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